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32% are Blue shifted Galaxies

It is one of the handful Blue shifted Galaxies known at that time. But there are many now. One Example giving >7000 Blue shifted Galaxies is here.

There are many examples. 2dFRS survey gives another .

Out of a 930,000 Galaxy spectra in the SDSS database, 40% are images for Galaxies; that gives to 558,000 Galaxies. There are 120,000 Quasars, 50,000 brotherhood of quasars, 7000 blue shifted galaxies. That is more than 31.7% of available Galaxy count are Blue shifted. You can check SDSS website for this data...
Just to support Bigbang theory, we are neglecting such a huge amount Blue shifted Galaxies. Will that help to the development of science?

Please have a look at Blue shifted Galaxies thread:

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Blueshifted galaxies are in regions in which local random Doppler velocities can overcome the Hubble law. Mostly they are in the Local Group (all over the sky but more in the direction of Andromeda and Triangulum, 1h+40) or the Virgo Cluster (12h +15). There ay be a few in the M81 group (9h+70) and Scuptor (1h-30).

I thought a NED all-sky search would give a quick list, but there seem to be lots of 2dFRS sources which are stars but still pass the galaxy filter.
I down loaded the 6900+ galaxies from the NED all-sky and plotted them (a random sample). I have an x-y plot of the Decl vs RA and also a plot of them on the celestial sphere (seen from the outside). Most of the blue shifted galaxies lie in a band in the southern hemisphere. The normal to the plane of the band points to RA 15.8°, Decl 75.5°. The band touches the equator around RA180° and dips to almost -30°.

I made the x-y plot with Excel; I selected the sample randomly with Excel; I made the spherical plot with AutoCad; I calculated the plane with MathCad by fitting the galaxy's coods, x, to the equation:
x · n = b where n is the normal to the plane and b is the plane's displacement below the orgin. I got b = -0.234.

Let me know if you want me to put the whole paper in the thread.

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The main part of the 6900 Blue Shift Galaxies paper with the diagrams is here:

You can find the whole Blue-shift listing at:
This research has made use of the NASA/IPAC Extragalactic Database (NED) which is operated by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology, under contract with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration.
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Do you feel such Godly Devotion is necessary for Bigbang theory?
Of course quasars and UV galaxies etc are Blue shifted galaxies…

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