Saturday, 14 April 2012

Ratio of Red shifted to Blue shifted Galaxies

Dynamic Universe Model: SITA simulations predicted the existence of the large number of Blue shifted Galaxies in 2004 itself, ie., more than about 35 ~ 40 numbers known at the time of Astronomer Hubble in 1930s. It was confirmed by Hubble Space Telescope (HST) observations in the year 2009. Today the known number of Blue shifted Galaxies is more than 7000 scattered all over the sky and the number is increasing day by day.  This prediction process is clearly shown in the output pictures formed from this Model.   These pictures show from the random starting points to final stabilized orbits of point masses involved. An orbit formation means some Galaxies are coming near (Blue shifted) and some are going away (Red shifted). The actual ratio of Red shifted to Blue shifted Galaxies will depend on
1. Universal Gravitational Force acting on each Galaxy at that instant of time,
2. The position of the observer in the Universe
3. The actual point mass distribution in three dimensions in the Universe at that instant of time. This ratio can never be 50:50.

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